SĀKTION: Black Obsidian ♀


Feel a fan of pleasure with the super-powerful Black Obsidian wand.

A natural crystal wand, strong, sensual, earthy, and full of fire to experience the passion that is in you.

Much more than an erotic toy, a real gem to enhance your autoeroticism.

The Black Obsidian Saktion Wand is a super powerful crystal for personal growth and transformation. This volcanic stone represents the totality of being, with its shadow and with its light.

Try this luxurious intimate massager to experience an unknown and overwhelming pleasure and make self-pleasure a real ritual.

● 100% natural Rose Quartz Crystal.
● Saktion poles do not need batteries or electricity.




The black obsidian crystal wand can be used as an erotic toy for intimate massage, for meditation and to unblock the chakras.

Black Obsidian represents the totality of being, with its shadow and its light. It is a stone with great strength, dynamic, and very connected to the Earth.

Therefore, this powerful natural crystal of Black Obsidian connected with the Root Chakra (Muladhara) center of sensual energy and creativity, being Obsidian a great tool to release sexual energy.


The Saktion Obsidian dildo helps you:

  • Create emotional stability and transform your inner being.
  • It helps to understand the lights and shadows to be able to accept ourselves in the totality of our being.
  • Absorb negativity and protect you.
  • It helps to understand and work on emotional stress and sexual trauma.
  • Unlock the Root Chakra and thus release sexual energy.
  • Stimulates the sensual and sexual imagination.
  • Activate the female goddess within you.
  • Develop patience and the virtue of masturbation in a slow way.


How is it used:

The Saktion wands will introduce you to a new way of masturbating, where you will expand your senses, your sensitivity, and the pleasure of conscious sexuality. Discover slower sexuality, prolong your orgasms, feel the power of the natural crystals within you, and feel all the sexual energy.


How to clean:

All our glass wands are easy and simple to clean: put your wand in warm water and wash it with pH-neutral soap.

Remember that like any erotic toy, hygiene is very important.


Saktion Obsidian Crystal Wand

  • Weight: 450 gr approximately
  • Measured flat: 17 cm long and 4.3 cm wide
  • Circumference: 6 cm small end and 13 cm large end


Shipment Cost

  • Spain: 12€.
  • Europe: 15€
  • Japan: 20€

Please wait 1 to 2 business days for us to receive and process your order.

Standard delivery takes 7-10 days.


Additional information

Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 17 × 4.3 × 4 cm


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